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Next Year

March 3, 2017


Dear Denman Community,


Our community has accomplished so many amazing milestones this school year!  Some of our celebrations are:

  • 1:1 iPad rollout along with teaching our students the technological skills needed to be successful in our society.
  • Our humanities classes have embraced the workshop model and our students are benefitting from increased rigor in these classes.
  • We are gearing up for our 4th annual 7th grade camping trip in the Presidio.
  • Every second period we have a student run coffee cart which is teaching our students important life skills.
  • We have a highly skilled Mouse Squad which took eWaste and built a working computer lab.  They also are troubleshooting iPad/tech needs.
  • We have had community celebrations brought to us by our Black Student Union, Filipino Club, Polynesian Club, Diversity Club and we are looking forward to our La Raza celebration next month.
  • Over 200 of our students were honored in our Honor Roll Lunch and we are proud of all of our scholars!


The 2017-2018 school year will be even more successful!  Denman will continue to build on the strong foundation for 1:1 iPads and will expand the workshop model.  Furthermore, JDMS will continue with our focus on STEM education for all of our students.  The 2017-2018 school year will also bring a new principal to Denman.  For over five years Denman has been my second home and second family.  We have accomplished so much and I know that Denman will continue to shine.  I feel a sense of pride knowing that Denman is a community full of incredible students, staff, parents, and programs.  It is with a heavy heart that I leave this community that is so dear to me, but I am also excited for new adventures.  My family and I are incredibly grateful for all of the love and support that Denman gave us through years.


SFUSD Central Office will be working in partnership with the JDMS SSC, PTSA and ELAC to form the recommendation committee for the next Principal.   We have a few months left of school, and I will be here with you, working with you until the end of the school year.


Yours Truly,

Teresa Shipp

Beacon Letter

Dear Denman Community,


It has come to the attention of the San Francisco Unified School District that a letter was sent by an anonymous person via US postal mail to some of the families who have children who attend the OMIE Beacon at James Denman Middle School.


SFUSD has investigated the matter and has determined that SFUSD staff did NOT release student information to any unauthorized person, nor does SFUSD staff know the identity of the letter writer.


SFUSD takes seriously the protection of student data and is conducting a further investigation into the incident.


Additionally, we want to assure Denman Middle School families that the information in the letter is incorrect.  No decisions have been made as to a fee-based program and no decision will be made without input from the families at James Denman MS. 


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Ms. Shipp at 415-469-4535.


Thank you,


Denman Weekly Bulletin

Denman Middle School Weekly Bulletin




New Attendance Auto-Dialer Automated messages will be sent at the end of each day notifying student absences for full day absences or class period absences.  If you receive an automated message, please contact the Attendance Clerk at 415-469-4535 or hearner@sfusd.edu Thank you for your understanding as this new system is in place.


Following are the PTSA Volunteer Opportunities Contact us at volunteer@denmanptsa.com 

  • Help with Spring Read-A-Thon. Sign up HERE
  • Tech Help
  • Adopt a classroom library
  • Donate used bookshelves
  • Grants Committee

Read more on www.denmanptsa.com  Upcoming PTSA Events:

  • Feb 15 @ 6pm: PTSA General Meeting
  • Feb 26: Shared Schoolyard Event
  • Mar 9 @ 6:30pm: Screenagers Movie (hosted by Sunnyside ES)


Denman Club List for Spring Semester https://jdms-sfusd-ca.schoolloop.com/clubs


Evan’s Update: The cafeteria line needs to keep moving!  Know your pin number! 



This is an update for families who submitted applications by January 13, 2017 for an SFUSD school assignment. We are on track to send assignment letters via first class mail on Monday evening, March 20. Families should receive letters starting on Tuesday, March 21. The registration deadline has been extended by a week to April 21.  


Please do not come to the Educational Placement Center for information about your assignment, as staff will not have any information on Monday regarding assignments.  


We recognize that you may be deciding next steps regarding independent and private schools. Please note that no information about assignments will be available before March 21. If you need information before your letter arrives, please email EnrollinSchool@sfusd.edu and we will do what we can to help you after March 21.  


We are truly sorry for the delay. 




Esta es una actualización para las familias que enviaron sus solicitudes antes del 13 de enero de 2017 para una asignación escolar del SFUSD. Estamos en camino para estar listos para enviar cartas de asignación por correo de primera clase el lunes 20 de marzo por la noche. El plazo de inscripción ha sido prorrogado por una semana, hasta el 21 de abril.


Por favor, no acuda al EPC para obtener información sobre su asignación, ya que el personal no tendrá información el lunes sobre las asignaciones.


Reconocemos que usted tal vez esté decidiendo los siguientes pasos con respecto a escuelas privadas e independientes. Por favor tenga presente que no habrá información disponible sobre las asignaciones antes del 21 de marzo.  Si necesita información antes de que su carta llegue, por favor contacte a enrollinschool@sfusd.edu y haremos lo posible por ayudarlo antes del 21 de marzo.


Realmente sentimos el retraso.




This is an update for families who submitted applications by January 13, 2017 for an SFUSD school assignment. As you know SFUSD school assignment letters, which were scheduled to be mailed out by March 17, have been delayed. The delay is due to unforeseen staffing emergencies. SFUSD’s computer system is working as designed and there is a dedicated team working 24-7 to get assignments finalized as quickly as possible given these unforeseen staffing issues. Please be assured we are double checking for accuracy every step of the way and aim to get this information to families as soon as possible.


We remain hopeful that letters might be ready by Monday. We are extremely sorry for the delay and will notify you of our progress again tomorrow morning, March 20.



Esta es una actualización para las familias que enviaron sus solicitudes antes del 13 de enero de 2017 para una asignación escolar del SFUSD. Como saben, las cartas de asignación escolar del SFUSD, que debían enviarse por correo antes del 17 de marzo, se han retrasado. El retraso se debe a emergencias imprevistas de personal. El sistema informático del SFUSD está funcionando como está diseñado y hay un equipo dedicado trabajando las 24 horas del día para obtener asignaciones finalizadas lo más rápido posible dado los problemas imprevistos de personal. Por favor, tenga por seguro de que estamos comprobando la exactitud de cada paso del proceso de asignación y queremos hacer llegar la información sobre las asignaciones a las familias tan pronto como sea posible.


Seguimos con la esperanza de que las cartas estén listas para el lunes. Estamos extremadamente apenados por este retraso y le notificaremos de nuestro progreso nuevamente mañana por la mañana, 20 de marzo.








SFUSD school assignment letters, which were scheduled to be mailed out by March 17, will be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience, as we know parents are counting on getting this news in the next few days. District staff need more time to run all of the necessary checks. Please be assured that we are working around the clock and are aiming for the shortest possible delay. Once the letters are ready to go, we will be sure to notify you. We will also be announcing revised dates, as we will be adjusting the registration period. We are extremely sorry for the impact that this delay may cause.


James Denman Middle School Calendar

Tardy Scoop Policy

Tardy Scoop


In an effort to reduce and diminish Student Tardies, James Denman Middle School has implemented a new attendance intervention known as the “Tardy Scoop”. Every period after the second bell the Counselors, Security, and other Admin will “scoop” any students in the hallway that did not make it to class on time. They will then be escorted to the cafeteria for 5 minutes. A pass indicating they were part of the “Tardy Scoop” group will be distributed and that is their entry back to class. If a student is seen 3 times in one day, an automatic call home to schedule a conference will be made. If a student has been scooped up 3 or more times in the week, they will serve “Tardy Tuesday” on Tuesdays after school as stated in our original policy. 


1st period

The Denman Tardy Scoop




Make it to class BEFORE the bell rings!



3x/day = Parent Conference/Tardy Tuesday

3x/week = Tardy Tuesday


“To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is unthinkable.”

Attendance Policy

James Denman Middle School



Absence:  If a student is absent from school there are two types of absences they may fall under, excused or unexcused. Both types will still show up on a student attendance profile report. There is more than one way that you can report an absence.


  1. Call into the school the morning of the absence to report by phone. 415.469.4535
  2. Send the student to school with letter from parent and or doctor.
  3. Email Ms. Hearne at HearneR@sfusd.edu, or grade level counselor
  4. Come into school and report absence


Tardy: If a student is tardy for school they have a 15 minute window (between 9-9:15am and Weds. 9:30-9:45am) before they have to go to the attendance office (RM116) to retrieve a tardy pass. After 9:15 they are to report to the attendance office with or without excuse and then report straight class. You are able to report a student being tardy the same way you report an absence.


Early Dismissal: Students are allowed to leave early from school with permission from parent / guardian. If a student needs to leave or be released early from school there is more than one way to report it.


  1. Send the student with a note the same morning of early dismissal with time they need to be dismissed or picked up.
  2. Call into the school that morning and give the time student needs to be dismissed.
  3. Email Ms. Hearne or grade level counselor day prior to dismissal or morning of with the time that student needs to be dismissed.


Truant: Students will show up on a truancy list after 18 PERIODS of either absence, unexcused absence, tardy, unexcused tardy, tardy 30 minutes or more. There are two different types of letters you may receive for students that are considered truant.  Families that receive a truancy letter are able to call in or stop by to correct any attendance. After receiving 3 letters and no contact from parent and or guardian the school then goes forward with the next step in attendance protocol through the district.


If you have any questions or concerns about the attendance of your child please feel free to call, email, or stop by Ms. Hearne’s office (RM116) and she will assist you.


Pi Day at JDMS

This text will be replaced

Teaching Islam and Addressing Islamophobia (James Denman MS, SFUSD)

Student Led Conferences in Science & P.E.

Denman iPad Rollout Reflections

Humanizing Classrooms with Technology at Denman

Beacon News

Denman Farmers Market will happen every Thursday from 3- 4pm.  The Farmers Market is open to all members of the Denman Community.  Denman Farmers Market distributes FREE fresh produce, meat, bread and non-perishable food items weekly to families of youth who attend James Denman School.


Beacon Family Paint Night Parents and students can enjoy light refreshments while exploring new creative skills.  We will provide canvas, paints and brushes as well as a guided instruction to create your own work of art!  Paint Nights will happen on Wednesdays, February 15 and April 19th from 6:30- 8:30pm. 

Beacon Ceramics Class starts Friday, February 3rd from 4- 6PM  Join SF Arts Ed every Friday; students do not have to be in Beacon to participate; show your Denman Pride and check it out!  Class space is limited J


Beacon Tax Aid Come to Denman for FREE TAX PREPARATION by Tax Aid. Saturdays 2/4 and 2/11 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in Denman Library. First Come First Serve; Come early!


Please follow the link below for High School Information


High School Information Page


Check out the High School Board

High School Board