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James Denman Tardy Policy


Did you know...

If every student at Denman was late to class twice a week, an average of seven students would be late to every class?

If the teacher needs to repeat the first two minutes of every class because of tardies, everyone is wasting a week and a half of school time a year?

Even if you are just 5 minutes late to class twice a week, you are missing a full day of school a year?


Classroom Tardy Policy



1. Seated in your assigned seat when the second bell rings. 

2. In the locker room or on your roll call number (as instructed by your PE teacher) when the second bell rings for your PE period.


1. In the hallway, stairwell, yard or bathroom when the second bell rings.

2. In the classroom, but not in your assigned chair when the second bell rings.

3. Leaving the classroom without a pass for any reason (even if you have told the teacher) and returning after the second bell rings.

4. Going anywhere other than your assigned class (Counseling Office, Main Office, Nurse’s Office, other classroom) without a pass during passing period.


1. Teacher (or substitute) will use the definitions above to record students present, absent or tardy in online attendance.

2. If a student is marked tardy three or more times in any one week, that will serve five minutes of afterschool detention on the following Tuesday (AKA Tardy Tuesday).

3. If you do not attend an assigned Tardy Tuesday, your parent or guardian will be asked to help you remember to make up the missed detention.

On-Time Tuesday

Every week, one or two Advisory classes have so few classroom tardies that the class earns On-Time Tuesday a chance for the advisory to celebrate their Denman Pride with an activity of the students' choice. Some Advisories choose crafts, others have a sports challenge on the yard. Congratulations to Ms. Nguyen, Ms. Walton, Ms. Shillingberg, Ms. McCarthy, and Mr. Aquino's Advisories who have already won On-Time Tuesday this year!


Tardy Tuesday Detention

1. Tardy Tuesday Detention is five minutes for every time you were tardy in the previous week, plus any detention time you owe. You may be dismissed from Tardy Tuesday up to five minutes early for good behavior.

2. You are “on the clock” when you are seated in a chair and silent. Time spent talking, playing, writing notes or otherwise socializing does not count towards your five minutes per tardy. You may do homework, read, sit silently or put your head down. It is not up to the supervising adult to make you spend your time wisely.

3. If you are talking or playing, the supervising adult will remind you that only silent time counts towards your detention If they need to do this three times, you will be dismissed, your family will be contacted, and you will start again at the beginning the following day.

4. You may not use a phone or other electronic device during your detention, even to check the time or as a calculator. If the supervising adult sees an electronic device, the time you have already served today will not count; you will begin your detention over, either today or the following school day.

5. You may have one bathroom or water break for every 30 minutes of detention, however time spent on a break does not count towards your detention.

6. If you do not attend an assigned detention, or if you leave without being dismissed, your family will be contacted to support you in completing your detention.

7. No eighth grade student who owes Tardy Tuesday detention time will graduate on stage.