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Michael Fox Locker

Michael Fox

James Denman Environmental Club at the Bonita Point Light House
Mass vs. Volume graph generated from the 8th grade science lab: "Finding Density".
We measured the mass and volume of several substances and compared their relative densities graphically. The slope of each line represents the density of each material. Each line is straight because the ratio between the mass and volume (density) remains the same no matter how much material there is. This shows that different materials each have a unique density and that density is a characteristic property.
Mr. Fox Educating Liberians in the Peace Corps
Mr. Fox Educating Liberians in the Peace Corps

Fox's Foxes Advisory Norms

Fox's Foxes Classroom Norms

1. Everyone is an individual.

2. No question is stupid.

3. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

4. What we say stays in the room.

5. Don't use names.

6. Don't assume, make stereotypes or judge people.

7. Be respectful, listen.

8. One mic.

9. Don't laugh at someone's comment.

10. Right to pass.

Questions from the Nova "Surviving Ebola" Video

Ebola Questions


1. What causes Ebola? How did it start?


2. What are the symptoms?


3. How does it spread?


4. What is an incubation period? How long is it for Ebola? How does this help it spread?


5. Explain some of the strategies health professionals are using to help stop Ebola.

Secret Message from 2nd Period (view through red light filter!)
Secret Message from 2nd Period (view through red light filter!)
Flag Afterimage
Stare at one spot on this picture 30 seconds then look at the blank spot next to it…..Surprise! Can you explain what this tells us about the cone cells in the retina?

Lab: Does Air Have Mass?

Does Air Have Mass?


Question: Is air made of matter? Does it have mass? If so what is the approximate mass of air in this room?





• balloon

• balance

• cup

• marble

• meter stick



Sentence Frames Used in Finding Density Lab Groups

My strategy for finding ­­­­­______________________ is ___________________________.

I think we should measure _______________ in order to find _______________.

We need to use the _______________ for figuring out the ________________.

Before we can do _______________, first we need to ___________________.

How can we ____________________ if we don't know the ____________________?

Why don't we try _________________ to figure out _____________________?

I disagree with that method because ______________________.

I don't understand, can you explain how you ________________?

Expert Group Presentation Scoring Rubric

Expert Group Presentation Scoring Rubric                            Name: ________________________

Group Name: ___________________________                                    Period: ___________________        

Individual Part







Written Notes

No notes

At least 3 good bullet notes

At least 5 good bullet notes

At least 8 good bullet notes

At least 10 good bullet notes


Amount of Material

[This score determines highest possible score for all sections except process and written]

Did not present

Only presented one thing

Presented only half of fair share of material

Presented a little less than the others

Presented full share of material






Did not present

Spoke only in a low voice, did not look at audience, used difficult language

Had to be reminded to speak up, only looked at the audience some of the time, used some difficult language

Spoke audibly, mostly looked at the audience, mostly used clear language

Spoke loudly, looked at the audience, used clear language



Did not present


Had to read all of material, could not answer question

Had to read most of material,  answered the question poorly

Knew some material by heart, answered questions fairly well

Knew material by heart completely, answered all questions well



Group Presentation Part








Only about a quarter of the material was presented

Less than half the material was presented

At least half the material was presented

Almost all the material was presented

All the material was presented



More than one member did not participate


Everyone  except one member participated


All group members participated in presentation



Very disorganized, no one had a clear role, illogical order, transitions were rough

Most members had no clear role, illogical order, most transitions were rough

At least half  members had a clear role, order was a little confusing and some transitions were not smooth

Almost all members had a clear role, logical order, almost all transitions smooth

All members had a clear role, logical order, smooth transitions


Overall Effectiveness

Did not teach clearly at all

Did not teach most of the concepts clearly to the class

Clearly taught at least half the concepts clearly to the class

Clearly taught almost all concepts to the class

Clearly taught concepts to the class



Not all members engaged most of preparation

Not all members engaged three times during preparation

Not all members engaged twice during preparation

Not all members engaged once during preparation

All members engaged throughout preparation


Pick a Better Brownie Homework
Pick a Better Brownie Homework

"Supersize Me!" Video Notes

Supersize Me Notes:

- US – most obese nation in the world – 60% of US adults are overweight or obese

-obesity rising rapidly in the last 25 years

-people eat out much more today, they don’t cook at home as much (40% of meals are eaten out at restaurants)

-obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death

-McDonald’s is the largest fast food corporation in the world

- the average American takes less than 5000 steps / day

-McDonald’s lures in kids: play places, birthday parties, Ronald McDonald character, toys, “happy meals”, cartoons

- “supersizing” causes people to consume massive amounts of fat and sugar

- brand imprinting = marketing products to children so that they buy the products when they are older

- huge rise in type II diabetes – (1 out of 3 children today will get type II diabetes) rise in liver problems

-FF is extremely processed to make it overly salty, sweet or oily;  and to preserve it so it can be heated and served quickly-

-the average American child sees 10,000 food commercials per year for mostly sugar and snack foods

- it is more minutes than parents talk to kids

-billions of dollars spent advertising fast foods

- 7 hundred times more money spent on McDonalds advertising than money spent on advertising for fresh vegetables

-sugar is the main ingredient of ketchup…

-30 minutes of exercise is recommended per day

-when kids have healthy food their behavior is better

-cost is the same to make food or to buy unhealthy food

- FF is so popular because it tastes good and is so convenient

- big companies just want to make money, don't care about health

- Morgan is getting ½ of needed vitamins from McDonalds food

- FF lacks the fruit and vegetable food group

-fat and sugar addiction- feel depressed without it

- nutritionists: 45 out of 100 say you should never eat fast food, 98% say you should not eat fast food more than 2 times per week

Nutrition Jeopardy
Nutrition Jeopardy
"Sugar Shocker" Concept Map

Nutrient Reading Expert Groups Instructions

Nutrient Reading Expert Groups


You and your team members will become experts on the type of nutrient described below. You will do this using the following steps:


  1. Individually read this paper silently and carefully. [5 min.]
  2. Individually take good bullet notes (at least 10). [10 min.]
  3. In your group, go around sharing bullet notes one by one. If you missed any, add them to your paper. [15 min.]
  4. Have a discussion with your team making sure all members completely understand the nutrient, it’s functions in the body and it’s sources. [5 min.]
  5. Prepare a presentation for the class about your nutrient. Make sure all members have an equitable role. Feel free to be creative. [20 min.]
  6. Decide on the 4 most important concepts the class should write down as notes about your nutrient. One should be general information about it, the second two should be about the nutrient’s functions in the body and the last note should be about what foods we get your nutrient from. [10 min.]
"Is Your Soda Killing You?" Concept Map Part I
"Is Your Soda Killing You?" Concept Map Part II
Examples of Science Vocabulary
Examples of Science Vocabulary
Using the pHet Seeing Color App on the iPads
Using the pHet Seeing Color App on the iPads