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JACQUELINE WOODSON, the Library of Congress National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, presented a webinar on Tuesday, December 4, 2018. Click here to watch this WEBCAST. Her motto is:


What is your equation?

Elizabeth Acevedo "this is for us"


Novels adapted to Graphic Format

50 Ways to Use Book Creator in your Classroom

SF 9th Grade Summer Reading Lists

Photos for Class

This site embeds the picture citation into the bottom of the image. So they are properly attributed, Creative Commons photos.

Religions of the World - PBS





Teachers' Illuminate 


Addressing racism, white supremacy, and bias in our classrooms

Positive Anti-Hate Resources

From Dr. Matthews, Superintendent of SFUSD:

Responding to Charlottesville: SFUSD Suggested Resources and Lessons for Elementary and Secondary


Additional Resources to address Charlottesville


Guidance for student walkouts


Common Sense Media resources





In light of what occurred in Charlottesville--and what will be happening in our own city this weekend--we are returning to school in challenging times. Students have questions, may be unsure of how to process these events. As educators, this is an important time for us to help guide them, and help them make sense of the world they currently see. The AFT has provided good resources on lesson plans for civil rights and bullying as well as other resources to help students cope with the recent traumatic events.

These resources can be accessed here:


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More sites can be found by doing a search. I used - poems written by students and young poets.


CHECK OUT YOUNG POETS.ORGThis organization will send out Young American Poetry Digest for $15. This book is printed annually.

Freedom to Read

Freedom to Read Foundation ( 

The Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) is a non-profit legal and educational organization affiliated with the American Library Association.  FTRF protects and defends the First Amendment to the Constitution and supports the right of libraries to collect - and individuals to access - information.


The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees all individuals the right to express their ideas without governmental interference, and to read and listen to the ideas of others. The Freedom to Read Foundation was established to promote and defend this right; to foster libraries as institutions wherein every individual's First Amendment freedoms are fulfilled; and to support the right of libraries to include in their collections and make available any work which they may legally acquire.

Founded in 1969, the Freedom to Read Foundation was the American Library Association's response to its members' interest in having adequate means to support and defend librarians whose positions are jeopardized because of their resistance to abridgments of the First Amendment; and to set legal precedent for the freedom to read on behalf of all the people.

FTRF is a separate organization from the American Library Association, with a separate membership.


Learning for Life (L4L) ( 

In this dynamic age, students have unprecedented access to diverse and independent information resources. Learning has taken on new dimensions with the expansion of information and rapidly changing research and communication tools.

With a heightened demand for critical thinking and collaborative problem solving, students must develop the skills to become lifelong learners. School librarians are in a key position to help guide students to make sense of new information in order to draw their own conclusions, create new knowledge, and share their knowledge with others in an increasingly global society.


Superhero Writing Project

Author David Lubar (Vampire Weenies & other novels) writes:

Litweaver has launched. In briefest terms, think of it as Netflix for your classroom. In longer and better terms, imagine that the man who created the contemporary YA anthology, Don Gallo, helped assemble short stories, poem, essays, and plays from 50 well known authors. Imagine that you could share those stories with your students, make notes, pass out assignments, and access supplemental material. That, in a nutshell, is Litweaver. Please check it out. And please share the link with your colleagues. It is very cool, and very new.

Harry Potter Alliance