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2017 Track season Announcements

Track will have practice every day after school till 5pm. We will meet in the school yard and walk next door to the Balboa track. If students need to miss a practice please let one of the three track coaches know in advance. (Mrs. Sheikh, Ms. Wolf, and Mr. Reed) We do have one charter bus scheduled for each regular season track meet but it will likely not fit the entire team. We will fit as many people onto the charter bus as we can, and sprinters who do not fit on the bus will be taking muni to the meets. Why sprinters? The sprinters are the last event at the meet so they will have plenty of time to get to the field without missing their running event or a chance to warm up. All track meets start at 3:30 and run till about 5pm, students will be dismissed from class at 2:35 for every track meet.



Friday march 10th

Denman vs BVHM @ SOTA


Thursday March 16th

Denman vs Marina @ Kezar


FridayMarch 24th

Denman vs Everett @ SOTA


Friday April 7th

Denman vs Lick @ SOTA


Friday April 14th

Denman vs Everett @ Lowell




Monday April 24th @ KEZAR

Tuesday April 25th @ Kezar

Wednesday April 26th @ Kezar

Friday April 28th @ Kezar