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P.E. Lockers

All students are issued PE locker (No sharing of lockers or combinations).  Students have 5 minutes from the beginning of the period to get dressed and report to roll call number.  The locker room is not a play area.  Students must be respectful of others in the locker room and must not damage the area in any way.  A safe environment must always be maintained.  Failure to follow the rules and regulations of the locker room and classroom will be dealt with in a quick and responsive manner.  Food, drinks, and glass containers are not allowed in the locker room.

Each student will be issued a locker with a combination lock.  It is extremely important that each student keeps his or her locker combination confidential so that all belongings are totally secure at all times.

The use of our locker rooms is a privilege, and not a right. Any serious or repeated infraction of the P.E. department rules may result in a student losing his/her locker room privileges.

The locker room is always kept locked when students are in class. However, students need to be reminded to keep their possessions in their lockers. Fortunately theft is rare, but leaving items out in plain view is an invitation for trouble.

Infractions of the Locker room rules will result in loss of Locker room privileges.