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After School Fitness Club Director

ASFC is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:40-4:00pm.  

Students who participate in ASFC will earn 3 extra credit points per session they attend for all PE classes.  This is a great way for students to make back credit for any points that were missed.  

At AFSC there is a warm up, a skill focus, and a workout around 4-5 minutes in length, and a cool down.  Students who attend regularly see huge advancements in their fitness levels.  The workouts are constantly changing and are performed at a high intensity, keeping all participants engaged and moving.  

ASFC not only helps students achieve physical gains, develop more self confidence, but also allows for students to build a sense of community and support that they take into their academic and social lives as well. noname.jpeg


Lavinia Meeker


Personal Statement

My passion for teaching Physical Education stems from a vibrant athletic career as a youth and adult.  I firmly believe that human life is enriched by movement, and that all personal physical achievements are significant; whether it is learning how to jump rope, doing a push up, or completing a mile run.  

It is believed that an adult's perspective on health and fitness is directly related to their experiences in middle school Physical Education.  I hope to instill a passion for movement and fitness in each student that is a part of our top-notch Physical Education Program.



Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me any time.


Telephone: (415) 241-6000 ext 3052



Education, Certifications, and Athletic Achievements


May 2004 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania

Bachelor of the Arts in Sociology

May 2013 The San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.

Single-Subject Credential in Physical Education with CLAD certification 


Level 1 CrossFit 

CrossFit Kids 

Athletic Achievements 

Division 1 Athlete:  Penn State University Varsity Fencing Team

Over 20 years experience competing at a National level for US Fencing

2008 lived in Budapest, Hungary to train as a sparring partner for the US Women's Foil Team while they were training for the Beijing Olympics

CrossFit Athlete

Member of USA Weightlifting


Apple Program Coordinator

Thanks to a partnership with Green Leaf Produce and the PSTA, we are able to give over 1000 apples to our students after PE classes throughout the week.  Thanks a million GLP and to the PTSA who wash all of the apples with love and care for our students. FullSizeRender.jpg

No Matter How Slow.jpeg