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Angelica Posadas Locker

Educational Background

University of San Francisco, MA Counseling Psychology

San Francisco State University, BA Asian American Studies 2007


Academic Support

Come see a counselor if you need support with classwork, homework, and other academic related work.


Angelica Posadas

CLASS OF 2017!

Dean/Head Counselor

My name is Angelica Posadas and I am currently in my third at James Denman Middle School. As a graduate of the Counseling Psychology Master’s Program at the University of San Francisco, I am incredibly humbled and excited to be working at Denman with the teachers, staff, and students. What especially excites me about being here is that I am a product of the Excelsior neighborhood, growing up just a few blocks away.

I am a native born and raised San Franciscan and use much of my upbringings and experiences as a tool and lens to help all the young people I have worked with and continue to work with. My background consists of being a high school teacher, teaching a Filipino-American and Ethnic Studies class, an employment coordinator with youth on probation, and most recently as an after school program director at Wallenberg High School. My passion lies in advocating and supporting youth of color from San Francisco, which has brought me to the work of a counselor.




Student Support Services

Request to See Counselor

Students may request to see their counselor at any time during the school year. Each teacher has "Request to See Counselor" forms and students have access to fill them out. During passing period and/or with permission from the teacher, students may bring down the form to the Attendance Clerk, Ms. Hearne. Upon receiving the form, counselors will schedule an appointment to meet with the student. If it is an absolute emergency, the student may request the teacher to call the counselor--pending availability.

Teacher Support

The counselor is available to support the student by doing check-ins, facilitating meetings with parents and/or guardians, and by creating intervention plans to support the students in their behavior and academic plans.

Student Success Team Meeting

When a student is falling behind in their academics, the counselor and the teachers will schedule a meeting with the student's parents and/or guardians to develop action items to support the student.

Restorative Practices

Counselor supports students by facilitating restorative conflict mediations between students and other adults. Following the guidelines of the Restorative Practices pedagogy, all involved members of the process build stronger relationships.


Counselors support in yard supervision before/after school and during lunch, participate in 504 Accommodation Meetings, IEP Meetings, and other support meetings.


Contact Information


(T) 415-469-4535 ext. 3118

(F) 415-585-8402

Coding at Google!
Coding at Google!
6th Graders at the Bluegrass Music Festival!
6th Graders at the Bluegrass Music Festival!

Art Club

Join the Art Club! We meet every Tuesday during lunch in Room 183!