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Mission Statement

Mission, Vision, & Guiding Principles


Our mission is to provide each student with an equal opportunity to succeed by promoting intellectual growth, creativity, self-discipline, cultural, and linguistic sensitivity, democratic responsibility, economic competence, and physical and mental health so that each student can achieve his or her maximum potential

Our Vision at James Denman Middle School is to ensure that every student will be prepared for high school, will understand the A-G requirements for universities, and will be prepared to engage in the academic technological world.  Our students will have the confidence, competence and information needed to make positive choices for their future and will have demonstrated strength and competence in all areas needed for full participation in the 21st century economic, political, cultural, and intellectual life of our nation and global society.  In addition to academic competency, these areas include multilingual and cross-cultural competency; technological literacy; communication skills; aesthetic sensibility; critical and creative thinking, reasoning, and solution-seeking; social, environmental and civic responsibility; and strength of character.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • I take actions and make decisions that move us closer to our vision of student success.
  • I nurture positive relationships and connections in service of student success.
  • I inspire and support innovation to end racism, classism, and language bias.
  • I contribute to creating a system that supports our principles, goals and objectives.