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James Denman Tardy Policy


Did you know...

If every student at Denman was late to class twice a week, an average of seven students would be late to every class?

If the teacher needs to repeat the first two minutes of every class because of tardies, everyone is wasting a week and a half of school time a year?

Even if you are just 5 minutes late to class twice a week, you are missing a full day of school a year?


Classroom Tardy Policy



1. Seated in your assigned seat when the second bell rings. 

2. In the locker room or on your roll call number (as instructed by your PE teacher) when the second bell rings for your PE period.


1. In the hallway, stairwell, yard or bathroom when the second bell rings.

2. In the classroom, but not in your assigned chair when the second bell rings.

3. Leaving the classroom without a pass for any reason (even if you have told the teacher) and returning after the second bell rings.

4. Going anywhere other than your assigned class (Counseling Office, Main Office, Nurse’s Office, other classroom) without a pass during passing period.



Tardy "Scoops"

Once a day, counselors, administrators and security guards will identify students who are in the hall, stairwell, office or yard without a pass after the bell has rung for class. They will send the student to the head counselor who will document the tardiness and send the student to class with a pass to be marked tardy by the teacher.

Students who are identified as tardy in a scoop three times in one week will miss Fun Friday Advisory class and do community service instead.

If a student is assigned community service for tardiness three times in one grading period, they will be assigned Saturday School.

This policy is intended to provide a deterrent to tardiness, since we know that the first step to success is showing up!


Tardy Policy 2.0  November 2017

1. Teachers will reward students who are on-time in their assigned seats and starting their Do Nows with Denman Pride Tickets. Aim for giving DPTs* to the first 3-5 students to meet this expectation.

2. Students who are anywhere other than their assigned seat after the second bell rings will be "Scooped" by a counselor, administrator or security guard:

- Student receives a green Tardy Scoop Pass (TSP) with the time on it.
- Their name is recorded and turned in to Ms. Hensler (or recorded directly in the Tardy Scoop Spreadsheet).
- The green TSP is given to the teacher who will mark the student tardy.
- Students scooped 3x in a week do garbage cleanup following lunch on Friday and their family will be notified.

3. If a student is tardy to class 4 times in a grading period, the teacher should notify the caregiver, since this would previously have triggered a W or U citizenship grade.