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P.E. Uniforms

The James Denman P.E. uniform consists of:

  • Reversibly Maroon/Yellow T-shirt with James Denman logo
  • Maroonmesh shorts with James Denman logo
  • Athletic shoes and white socks -- no slip-ons, boots, non-athletic shoes, etc.


  • Students at Denman must dress every day for class.
  • Both the Denman T-shirt and the Denman shorts should be marked with the student's first and last name in black permanent marker.
  • As a safety precaution absolutely no jewelry is to be worn during Physical Education classes.
  • P.E. uniform must fit appropriately and shorts must be worn at the waist.
  • School clothes are not to be worn in place of, under or over the P.E. uniform.
  • Wearing another person's P.E. uniform is unhygienic and is strictly prohibited.
  • P.E. clothes are to be kept in assigned P.E. lockers when not in use.
  • Keep P.E. clothes CLEAN! Clothes are to be taken home every Friday, laundered, remarked if necessary and brought back to school every Monday. Taking clothes home during the week is not recommended.

Parents are strongly urged to purchase the "Denman P.E. Uniform" (T-shirt and shorts) from the Student Store (Coming soon!)

All students must wear the required PE uniform each day.  PE uniforms can be purchased in the P.E. office.  PE shirts may be purchased for $18 and PE shorts for $12 (Cash Only).  For cold days we recommend the student obtain solid black sweat shirts (hoods okay but not be be worn over the student's heads) and black sweat pants.   Instructors may allow students to wear black sweatshirts (no hoods) and sweatpants. Sweat clothes may also be worn for religious or medical reasons.

All shoes must be soft-soled athletic shoes.   No inappropriate footwear allowed in the gym. (Ex: boots, sandals, flip-flops, street shoes.)

Students are not to wear the PE uniform to other classes.   The PE uniforms are to be worn for PE classes only. 

How much are the PE uniforms?

  • Shorts - $12
  • Shirt - $18