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P.E. Attendance & Participation

P.E. Attendance & Participation

Physical Education is a participation class, therefore, being involved in the activity and good attendance are necessary.

Promptness to class indicates good work habits and cooperation. Students should be completely dressed in their P.E. uniform and sitting on their assigned number when the instructor arrives. Absolutely no horseplay! If a student is not in roll call order, he/she will be marked absent or tardy.

Students are to remain with their teacher in the assigned area. Just being on the P.E. field does not constitute that a student is present in class. Four (4) unexcused tardies in one grading period results in an unsatisfactory mark in work habits as does three non-suits within that six week grading period.

A student who misses a day of school must bring documentation to the school site for an official excused absence slip, which is issued by your advisory or first period teacher. The student is responsible to make up any work missed during absences. Any student requiring extended limited participation time is required to bring a doctor’s note.

Excuse from Participation

If your child needs to be excused from P.E. for just one day, he or she can give a note to the teacher from their parent. If it's for an extended period of time, students need a doctor's note to be taken to the school nurse and then to their P.E. teachers.

Notes that are not cleared prior to class will count as an unexcused participation. If a student misses an assignment or is unable to participate, make-up work will be assigned and must be completed in order to receive credit.