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P.E. Grading Policy

A physically educated person is one who has mastered the necessary movement skills to participate confidently in many different forms of physical activity, values physical fitness, and understands that both are intimately related to lifelong health and well-being.

The student is assessed daily based on the achievement of the following physical education content standards:

  • Movement Skils:  30%
  • Movement Knowledge:  10%
  • Physical Fitness Performance Skills:  30%
  • Physical Fitness Knowledge:  10%
  • Application of personal & social  skills during activity:  20%

A sportfolio is a notebook and a record of the student's learning assignments in physical education. 

The PE academic letter grade is based on the student's physical, cognitive, and applicable skills.

The citizenship grade is based on the student's attitude, behavior, attendance, punctuality, listening skills, and preparation for class.  (PE attire and PE sportfolio).  Seven (7) non-suits equals a "U" in work habits. Two missing lap days equals a "U" in work habits. Also included are running scores, grades for the class notebook/sportfolios, and various written assignments.

Skill development, effort, improvement and good sportsmanship are also taken into consideration.