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Denman Pride on the Southside

Denman Pride on the Southside

Our philosophy of "Denman Pride on the Southside" teaches our students to be safe, responsible and respectful. This includes:

  • Establishing high expectations for student behavior and posting them visibly in all areas of the school
  • Providing incentives for positive behavior and awards and rewards for going above and beyond
  • Teaching Second Step, an evidence-based social and emotional learning curriculum
  • Providing our teachers with a variety of proactive classroom-management strategies
  • Assemblies throughout the year that celebrate both individual achievement and the diverse cultures represented in our community


RtI stands for "Response to Intervention," a tiered system of behavior support. At Denman, this involves providing the above supports for all our students, and providing additional individualized interventions to help students who need the extra support overcome barriers to success and meet their goals. These include:

  • Check-in/Check-out: a brief morning and afternoon meeting with a supportive staff member and an individualized daily behavior report.
  • School-Home Note: an individualized daily behavior report that increased communication between caregiver and teachers.
  • Behavior Contract: a written plan for a student to earn a specific reward through meeting a stated goal or goals.


Mr. Carrion rewards a student with a "Denman Pride Ticket"