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Restorative Practices

James Denman Middle School is committed to Restorative Practices

Community and relationships are worth building, nurturing and restoring when necessary. At Denman, we devote time, 
space and energy to teaching our students these important life skills. When Denman students encounter challenges in getting along with each other, they know that many adults -- counselors, administrators and teachers -- are all here to help them listen to their peers’ experiences and feelings, repair harm and move forward as classmates and allies.

We even dedicate a room to activities that promote diversity, tolerance and peace, and reward students for showing “Denman Pride on the Southside” by being safe, responsible and respectful. The Green Room is a space where groups of students -- even whole classes -- can meet to resolve conflicts and restore relationships with the guidance of counselors and other mediators.  In addition, the room is used for community-building and enrichment activities both during and after school.

Denman's Peer Resources program also supports Restorative Practices by providing peer-to-peer restorative conflict mediation. Trained students support other students in resolving conflicts in a positive and healthy manner and making amends to each other when necessary.

If you are interested in learning more about Restorative Practices and their role in San Francisco Unified School District, you can read all about it at